Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And Bread and Fish for All!

I thought about various titles for this post but I was scared about appearing megalomaniac or overly satiric. Well, anyway. I walked on water, and I saved things. So there you go.

Portsmouth is not so friendly in terms of trail running, but for all that it kills my knees, it offers awesome landscape. I took a route out through New Castle and back around - running a perimeter around the harbor - which means I was on waaaaaaaaater. Anyway. I had a hard time concentrating on moving forward because every corner I wanted to photograph a seascape or a ruinous prison or a cemetery...I'll make it work, soon enough.

On the final causeway before the mainland I saw two lanes of traffic stopped. A dog was in the middle of the road; as I approached, he moved to the inbound lane, and a car or two moved past. Then he got back to the middle of the road and everyone stopped.

I slowed down to a walk and clapped for him. "Here, Buddy!" (He had a collar on so I didn't fear the Rayb.)

And then he came over. And he heeled when I told him to sit on the ground. And then he stayed put as I ran away. Therefore, vis-a-vis, quid pro quo, l'etat c'est moi - I am a savior. Indefinite article.

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Monica, Paul, and kids said...

you just left the poor dog there all by himself! why didn't you check his collar and call the number on it so you could return him to his owner? that would have made you a REAL savior! right now you're just a semi-savior. good job though!

you should post some of your pics that you take while trying to jog. i bet they're amazing!