Monday, June 29, 2009

Bilingual Sexual Trysts...with One's Life

I've had a horrible day, most likely due to a total and complete failure to prehydrate so I didn't dehydrate last night during the celebration of my friend's birthday...more on that to come, possibly tomorrow. (that's what she said?)

A girl on whom I've had a crush for at least the entirety of 2009 just sent me a message, explaining that she did so "in lew of" [...sic, unfortunately] seeing me at work. I can't decide if that's a deal breaker.

In other French news, a new favorite site of mine has become FMyLife in French -- because really, what's better than ridiculous American teenagers and young adults talking about how much their lives suck? Frenchmen doing so.

I'm not really sure why.

Anyway, my favorite from tonight's perusal:
Aujourd'hui, je vais à la piscine. Je décide de faire une petite sieste sur les pelouses. Je m'endors sur le dos et je suis réveillé brusquement par une mère de famille qui me dit : "Je voulais juste vous signaler que vous avez une érection. Et en plus le bout de votre sexe sort de votre maillot." VDM

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