Saturday, June 20, 2009

BNG in Haiku Form

We were bored a little while ago, and were trapped at work without any custies for to help. I wrote a haiku:
Just employees here
Working in the coffee shop
Buy something from us!
Heather was also inspired:
Free samples taunt us
with their delicious goodness.
Cookies are evil.
We had just gotten a shipment of new t-shirts. A fellow employee, not working, came in. He bragged about washing his work shirts, realized we had new ones, said "crap, why did I wash my other shirts?" and ran to buy one.
Graham is in the house
A burgundy shirt to buy
Let him clean that, too!
Aaaaand then we all realized that, in lieu of serving customers, we had way more downtime between chores and were pounding down the coffees as if swimming in a sea of caffeine.
Drinking some coffee
Caffeine makes my head spin 'round.
Sleepy time will come.

1 comment:

Monica, Paul, and kids said...

You all have waaaayyy too much time on your hands. I can't believe you're getting paid to write haikus...what a job :)