Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Introduction of Gourmet Bachelor Chow

People's interpretations of my culinary skills depend entirely on what time of my life they have known me. My family remembers my most disastrous attempts at cooking; my professed dream (at age 8) to become a short-order cook; the lengthy (I think my record was around 15 minutes) preparation times for making sandwiches.

Anyone who does not have 20 years of "me" experience tends to compliment me on what is - if not always the most delicious or enticing culinary masterpiece - at the very least an intriguing oeuvre. The Roomies were very complimentary about my dinner construction tonight, so I thought of a new feature - in the interest of promoting this second interpretation of my cooking, in spite of the first, I introduce Gourmet Bachelor Chow.*

Featured Dish #1: Hot-dogs au fromage et aux légumes

It's so much more refined in French. Hot dogs with cheese and sauteed onions and peppers (not pictured: I ate one on a bun and saved the other two for lunch & dinner tomorrow).

*Note how this feature has the same awesome dichotomy the entire blog exemplifies. Go team.


Monica, Paul, and kids said...

Sorry Andrew, but that does not look appetizing. Featured Dish #1: 2 thumbs down for appearance, but 2 thumbs up for creativity!

Andrew said...

haha, ouch! Well, I guess it is to be expected...I don't think any of the dishes featured in GBC are going to be either fit for human consumption, or particularly appetizing...