Monday, June 22, 2009

Suck the Poison from this Wound

...I just listened to The Killer's "Dustland Fairytale" 4 times in a row. Those joking, ironic, sardonic references to myself as an indie kid don't seem so mocking anymore.

Quick! Fetch me a button-down (without pearlized buttons) and a Sam Summer! For God's sakes, anything but a PBR! Set the jukebox to some classic ACDC! Get thee to a nunnery! Please, Virginia, don't let Santa Claus bring me a pair of skinny jeans! Exclamation point!


EDIT: This is an internal state change, true, but perhaps one wrought from external sources; I got a sandwich from Ceres today.* Maybe I can claim to be under the influence.

*It was absolutely delicious and they are the NICEST people in the entire world. I will most certainly be returning. So...maybe I'm fine with poser!indie status.

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