Thursday, June 4, 2009

We Could Be Heroes

Just for one day.

Best News Article EVER.

If only I could be a Superhero. Who would I be? Doctor Horrible? Professor Chaos? Spider-Man?

Frozen Icarus?

I used to watch the hit NBC TV series Heroes but stopped about two episodes into this past season. Ye olde roommates and I joked about one hero, Niki Sanders, (who had superhuman strength and agility psychologically locked, tied to an alternate persona) - we said that her super power was a mental disorder.

Mental disorders aren't fun to joke about. But seriously - worst superpower ever.

Anyway. Not once but multiple times have I called what song is going to be on the radio station. I remember on the way in to college I started singing, "Doctor, Doctor, give me the news..." before changing the station to hear that exact song come on.

Just a week ago, I was humming, "One, twenty-one guns" while FNX was on commercial. A second later Driscoll came on and said, "Here's that new one from Green Day."

Second. Worst. Superpower. Ever.

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