Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gourmet Bachelor Grocery Shopping

Turns out this morning I couldn't have breakfast until I had milk from the store, so I did a full trip. These Honey Bunches are delicious.

I pulled into a parking spot in the lot (Wif of Wer&Wif fame graciously allowed me to use her car for grocery shoppingses while she's away) and was immediately creeped out by a man, cigarette butt in mouth, truck crawling at a snail's pace, staring at me.

Even more creeped out when I got to the doors, looked back, and saw that he had pulled into the parking spot behind the car.

Still more creeped when I look up while paying and he is still sitting in his truck behind the car.

By the time I left he was already gone but I was watching my rear view mirror the entire ride home for ghast demon truck from beyond to come bearing down on me, for highbeams to be shining in "check the back seat! check the back seat!" mad serial killer gleam...

I have an overactive imagination.

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