Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Call it - Economics!

New Hampshire lawmakers - that is to say, local newspapers - have been astonishingly quiet on the food tax (now including campgrounds) hike from 8% to 9%. The only reference I could find to it that wasn't totally oblique was from USA Today, of all sources.

In honor of this rise, which has made our prices unfortunately increase between 1 to 3 cents per total, I submitted the following proposal to my boss, adapted from the US system of social security.
1. Let a customer buy what s/he will. The employee will ring her/him up for the total.
2. The customer will pay as much as they want of the total.
3. The next person in line's total will be both their predecessor's, and their own.
4. But they will pay as much as they want of the total.
5. Lather, rinse, repeat.
It's foolproof!

Now let's all go get some credit cards. I have a yacht I've been oggling for a while, now.


Monica, Paul, and kids said...

I like the idea. Does it also work for the monthly bills like cable, electric, gas, mortgage, etc...?

Andrew said...

sure! it can be the successful love child of Reaganomics, reducing government and consumer spending EVERYWHERE. mwahaha