Saturday, July 25, 2009

You've been steampunked

Staunch though I am in my applause of Ryan at The Press Room for keeping the TV off when the Sox aren't playing (I call it postmodern to allow customers to create an atmosphere for themselves, not one dictated from a box) and though I retain hearty jars fll of vitriol and despair that things such as twitter exist, I have to say that I'm astounded at technology in our society.

The C&J busses have wifi! Which I am using now with great success. Ballin™.

Edited to add: One of my projects for the summer is to reorganize and consolidate my mp3s, inspired by my discovery of a couple albums of duplicates on the hard drive. I also decided as part of the reorganization that I should listen to the albums I have and get rid of those I don't like.

Which has finally forced me to listen to Iron & Wine, a band I've heard described "indie folk," whose songs I always skipped previously. This was obviously a mistake of youth. I feel so chill listening to them, like I'm listening to a more mature, rounder, fuller-sounded Jack Johnson.

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