Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's like what I wanted to do! Except actually done.

The leader of Amuhrica came to town this week to talk about his health-care plan (which is not to be confused with 1930s euthanasia programs; I think some individuals have gotten them confused.) Much as I try to stand by Foucault's philosophy that one should study history in spite of politics, and much as I want everyone to speak their opinion...I love this guy.

I was, myself, thinking of going to PHS and holding up a sign to the effect of "These countries actually are Socialist," because I think many individuals are confused when they say state health-care would turn us into Soviet Russia. Canada? Denmark? France? Britain? Question mark?

Related - Wer of Wer&Wif infamy told me about this poorly-researched allusion yesterday. (The article has links to both the original editorial and to Hawking's response.) I didn't believe him at first -- but now I think I need to work on drawing a "remove foot from mouth" diagram for distribution to the collected United States.

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