Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Legalese, Extended

I didn't want to feel trapped by a post in legalese. Legalese, to me, is an apology-in-advance, and I don't want to apologize for what I herein write; I like to think that there's a lot of editing that goes in to the drafting process of any post (although there isn't always). However, I signed a contract that I would make this post, and so I shall. (Speaking of which, I'm in the market for a Faustian contract with the man who makes the Totentanz go round. I hear he enjoys the company of writers and composers; as do I.)

I nevertheless refuse to use the name of anything, as doing so will bring search engines upon my door (the opposite of what the contract wishes me to have happen):

There is a grant in the world that I may or may not have received such as to spend a year in Moscow conducting independent academic research. If ever I were to make a comment about any aspect of life, never would that comment reflect the views of those who may or may not have provided me a grant; most certainly it would never constitute an official US policy on a matter.

As could tell anyone who actually read what I had to say on matters.

Keep me posted about the Totentanz. The man is tall, usually described to have mix-matched eyes; and it's the cloven hooves that will likely give him away.

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Patrick said...

Oh Andrew, this post made me chuckle.