Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's True, I've Had to Dodge Them

Raise your hand if you’ve seen the second Bourne film, where Jason ends up in a car chase in Moscow.

Now, maybe if it was from one of the airports inbound to the city, I could suspend my disbelief for the movie’s sake, or maybe if it was at midnight, or 5 in the morning (I’ve been in the pre-dawn gloom in Moscow, once. I do not want to go into the Twilight again) but walking up Tverskaya today (the equivalent of…oh…5th Ave, maybe?) and walking up Tverskaya at a decidedly faster pace than the cars all around me, I just couldn’t imagine that Bourne really could have gotten into a car chase sometime around 7 pm, as the movie depicts it, and sometime inside the MKAD, as it seems to take place.

The real chase would go something like this.

Bourne steals the car from where it is near the produkty. He tears off down the sidestreet, only to screech to a sudden halt at the nearest avenue, and inch into traffic.

Behind him, Eomer (something Urban. Karl? Kyle? Monosyllabic.) does the same, but it’s three cars that go by before he can enter traffic. They then stop and go and stop and inch forward and stop until finally one of them decides to go onto the sidewalk, which is the only way to get out of a traffic jam, it seems.


probka (pronounced propka) – traffic jam

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