Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ive-us-gay our essings-blay

I go to a Planet Fitness uptown from my apartment (I like using New York terminology for Moscow). I distract myself so easily -- I just started thinking about How I Met Your Mother. Anyway.

This Planet Fitness is located next door to a small church with an active membership; I always see veruiushchie babushki coming and going and crossing themselves, and from its loudspeakers an Orthodox chant pretty constantly emits.

Every time I hear it, a different song starts in my head.

Eeee-yeyyyy-yeeeeezzzzuuuuu doooooomine -- donnnaaa eis requiiieeeem THWAP

Russian Word of the day:

veruiushchaia babushka - religious grandma


Stacey said...

Religious grandmas, HIMYM, and Monty Python all in one post? Niiiiiiiiiice.

Patrick said...

Hmm...Russian word of the day..."Religious Grandma" For some reason that word looks like two words...