Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Travels and Travails in Moscow"

Heh. I just mentioned that in an email as a possible secondary blog title. I'm writing quickly from an internet cafe. Jet-lagged. I refuse to describe my hostel to anyone, nor to take any pictures of it; for one, because my mother would probably cry, but also because then when I describe it in later works of fiction I don't want people to say "you didn't make that up, you have no artistic integrity."

At least I don't want them to be saying that for this specific reason.

As I mentioned to ma soeur on the phone before I left: I'll try to keep these posts more human, less "severely intelligent." No comment. And no promises, either. Alright, I have ten minutes left and a couple things yet to figure out. Au revoir.


Justin said...

Don't die, sir!

Shelley said...

bienvenue au your valuables in your anus

Patrick said...

If you have a picture of your hostel I would very much appreciate it coming my way. In return I will send you pictures from Istanbul, and Bulgaria.