Monday, October 26, 2009

This is what I sound like; Joyce would be proud

I've discovered a wellspring of stream-of-consciousness narration. Quick! Get Joyce and Woolf on the phone! They can finally reconcile their differences...this is, without any additions or subtractions or exaggerations, exactly what I heard on our walk in to our in-country orientation.

Please make your passports available to the guards.

Welcome to American soil! Well, you know, we’re not actually in America, you understand; but because zees is the embassy you are back in America. Welcome home.

Zees is a statue to John Quincy Adams. Is dedicated to 200 year of internassional relation between our countries. Do you know, on the twitter, the journals of John Quincy Adams are being published! We have asked the youth to make the essays describing what diplomatic relations mean, and the winners get a prize.

Actually, I think that zees is best staircase in all of Russia. Any time I have the free moment I come out of my office and I stand here. You will notices that there are the fleurs all around the base. They are not real flowehhhhrs, but they are pretty. Sometimes I stop—[the stream of consciousness halts momentarily as she looks] – and try to decide which one is my favorite but today, today I think [another pause] yes, my favorite is the one weez the green and the orange. But – you can all choose which is the one you like the most.

And zees is one of the seven sister high-rise buildings built under Stalin. Do you know, they are built all over the city. It’s easy to remember: 2 apartment buildings, 2 administrative buildings, 2 hotels, and 1 university.

Alright, and zees is where I will leave you. It is called our Winter Gardens. Now, eef you need to go to the bathroom, please wait. You must be accompanied by someone weez the orange pass, even to the bathroom.

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