Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vhat to do, vhat to do?

Just to warn you, I don't have a stockpile of blog entries, so there might be radio silence for a couple of days. I know, I know, what will you do without your daily dose of Frozen Icarus...it'll be ok. I'll come up with some stories soon enough. Maybe even some pictures.

For now, here's a situation that seems important:

I’m sitting in a café, writing a couple of emails. The pair sitting next to me gets up to leave, and a couple minutes later I start to feel a cold draft. Along with multiple Russian patrons, most of whom are closer to the door, I look over, and see that it’s propped ajar in the exiting couple’s wake.

The Russians turned back to their coffee. After a minute, I got up from my corner, walked past all of them, and shut the door. Many sets of eyes watched me return to my seat. I couldn’t interpret the expression behind them. I don’t know what they, in turn, read in my expression.


”Shto delat’?” -- Delai shto-nibud’! “What is there to do?” – “Do anything!”


Monica said...

I'm sorry +you're bored...When you get back to +NH there will be plenty of babysitting you ca0n 2do11111 if you're up to the challenge?!

ps-8888all these numbers and signs throughout my comment are from Lauren. She l3ikes to 5pretend that she's typing with me...lol!! I hope you can decyfer my comment :)+

Kara Dugas said...

come home! I miss my best friend! Or send me some emails.