Friday, October 23, 2009

Victory was near...

Gah. So excited.

If any of you recall the paintings I put on my laptop (based on the sketches of madman genius (because madman+oeuvre = genius) Salvador Dali), you might remember that on one side is the Dullita, the sensual woman of our dreams, her hair a halo behind which her face cannot be seen; on the other side, an interpretation of “Gala, mi victore” – an angelic woman, strutting and standing tall, pulling a slouched man by the hand.

The latter picture, apparently, is the most accurate description of shopping for me in Russia. The next time that I’m searching for something, I’ll just call up a female friend and she’ll immediately lead me to the right destination.

I have the Muse album! And happiness is mine.

One final comment on that, before I leave the tale of that quest and leave it to rot in the forgotten catacombs beneath Leninka: It’s especially appropriate here in Moscow. When Bellamy sings in French he sings in an unapologetically atrocious accent. And the French still dig him. Think about how the crowd screams in Hullaboo Soundtrack! (for now we’ll ignore the woman screaming on her cell at the beginning of Screenager…) It makes me think that there is hope for me working with Russian for the rest of my life.

Verse-moi, verse-moi l'ivresse
Réponds à ma tendresse!
Réponds à ma tendresse!
Ah! verse-moi l'ivresse


Namnogo lushche, chem T-Pain. - A lot better than T-Pain.

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