Friday, November 6, 2009

Aren't they cute?

Last Sunday I went to Kolumna, a town located 80 km to the southeast of Moscow. I went as part of an excursion the institute did for its students, so we had a) an opportunity to get off the bus and take tons of photographs of all the old churches; b) a great tour guide.

Notice that the picture I'm posting is NOT of the architecture. :D

I just really like the way they all look! (They're looking at [at least in the direction of] the church's cupolas.)

And this safari-style photography and exploitation of the natives is why the Professor and I are working through a reading list of post-colonialism so the American won't examine Russian culture as would a conqueror...


Stacey said...

The morality of your final paragraph duly noted . . . but look at the babushka with one tooth in the far right! She's priceless.

Andrew said...

I love the expression on the second one in from the left, I think she's my personal favorite... ;)