Sunday, November 15, 2009


I want to memorize things.

I’ve downloaded lists of the presidents in order, with dates of their term(s) in office, vice president(s), and political party; the states in alphabetical order with their capitals, all of the military’s call signals for individual letters (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie…), and still some other charts. All thanks to Wikipedia. So I know they’re true.

I must become a Man-Who-Makes-the-Totentanz-Go-Round at trivia. Give me more subjects for lists to memorize. I’m thinking baseball greats’ statistics will be next. Or French emperors. Maybe genealogical charts of the House of Windsor.

YOU respond, Blogosphere!

[I realize it would be better to tell you that I spend all of my homework time studying vocabulary lists of random Russian swear words. Don’t worry, I have a separate notebook for that. No, really.]


Justin said...

The 'military call signs for individual letters' is called 'the phonetic alphabet'. This causes me no end of confusion.

How about the periodic table of elements?

Jess Cote said...

The Magna Carta and St.Edward's Laws. Oh, wait, that's me...

P said...

Human anatomy.