Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I count down to Friday


This might cause some confusion, because I have only thought about my eternal sadness, and never written it.

Once upon a time there was a dream that was Rome – I mean Cookie Monster. She was awesome and laughed at me and gave me cookies.

And then she disappeared. A new version of her appeared, but this woman looked more like Elmo. And then the open-air market went away so I could only buy cookies on the weekends.

Then Elmo disappeared! Exclamation point! A new woman took her place but she didn’t deserve a nickname.

And then, O most wonderful day, I walked past the rynok and saw that Cookie Monster had returned! Earlier, Briullov sent me a text that he’d already gotten cookies for our English High Tea, but I couldn’t stop myself. I leapt over the archaeological dig (all 20 meters of the fence) and bound over to her booth, a huge grin on my face.

Zdrazdvstvujte. [Hello], she said.

Zdra-Vstvuj-Te! I answered. Tak davno ne videlis’! [It’s been so long!]

And then I bought a lot of cookies.

Even if they are only a sometimes food.


Monica said...

I'm glad you got your cookie monster back :) Enjoy!!

Sasha said...

Cookie Monster gobbles cookies. His eyes are still googly, his fur is scruffy and he's messy.

What if Cookie Monster isn't that nice lady at the rynok but You and I?

Oh my god. I'm the Cookie Monster (i.e. ssssllyyynxxx)

"repose on my ton-dre-ze"
[muse came on in the cafe where i got stood up today, thought of you:)]

Word Verification: LIKSEST
"Thou liksest the cookies"

Andrew said...

I wonder if we started serenading her we'd get free we'd stop singing and go away...

Can we start putting signs up arond town: "the pushkin of 6 fingers," "Nikita Ivanych's house," "the Red Terem," etc...?