Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm as sad as if I *WAS* listening to them!


I have no The Fray!

I thought the Fray had survived the massive music and television destruction of September.

I bite at my lip and pull my hair and rend my clothing.

I just wanted everything to go over my head, heaven forbid, that’d be dead wrong; how could that save a life? All at once the ideas fall away – and nothing will look after you (me), trust me, this is a little house with a hundred windows, so far from Vienna.

Seriously. This lack of Pandora, this lack of music stockpile, this lack of 21st century humanity

Fine, world. I reopen my homework and study the presidents.

Looks like it’s back to you, Coldplay.


P said...

If we skype i can tickle your musical fancy/send you what you want.

Andrew said...

we must set up a skype date, then. A man-date, if you will., I'm trying to make this sound as creepy as your "tickle your musical fancy" comment, but I just can't...