Friday, November 6, 2009

YOU respond, Blogosphere!

This, dear readers, is something I just can’t make my mind up about. It’s been cracking me up, even though I think I should be insulted.

A response from one of you (l’Artist, to be precise) to me, via email:
Although I generally believe that the less said about Mr. [Frozen Icarus], the better, I do feel obligated to say a few things about his prudish expostulations. Imagine getting a dollar every time he said he wouldn't seek alliances with misguided ignoramuses in order to cause this country to flounder on the shoals of self-interest, corruption, and chaos but did so anyway. You would unequivocally be very, very rich. So, what am I doing about that? I'm educating. I'm trying to challenge the soft bigotry of low expectations. In closing, Mr. [Frozen Icarus] believes, in his elitist delirium, that cannibalism, wife-swapping, and the murder of infants and the elderly are acceptable behavior.
(Just for the record, I believe it was a different party that advocated wife-swapping. I can’t deny any of the other allegations, though.)

I’m pretty sure l’Artist is mocking me at every turn (of phrase). And yet he has read everything I’ve ever written (and is, apparently, one of the 30 readers of the undergraduate literary journal where I had a short story published) and can reference it and is still reading!

So. Don’t blame the pusher. Blame the crack.

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