Monday, December 21, 2009

Better than Bob's Furniture's Jingle

I wicked wanted sushi after the gym today. It was maybe half past four. I said hey! I want sushi. I can get pretty cheap sushi right here. Why not get sushi? I will get sushi!

I go down the street to the 24-hour joint on the corner. Not the highest quality shiz, but I have no palate anyway, so I was happy. I thought it tasted great.

Here’s the thing. I always feel like I’m ordering just a couple of things and I’m going to be hungry when I leave, but then when I get up I feel weird, in a sushi-has-made-me-drunk way, when I exit from whale mode. Is it the rice expanding in my stomach? Is it the miso soup, which is really crack-in-liquid-form? I don’t know.

Walking to the ‘tro from the sushi place I was singing a little song to myself:

Swim, swim, little fishies, swim!
Little fishies in my belly
Om nom, little fishies, nom nom nom.

It’ll work nicely as a sea shanty the next time you’re on a boat.

I still feel woozy, but I think it’s less from the sushi at this point and more from the FIVE KAJILLION cups of tea I’ve been drinking.

Because I’ve gone a little native I don’t want to drink cold water (it’ll make one have a sore throat) but I’m still very much crazy thirsty all the time. So I put a packet of tea (I’ve been working through a pack of Princess Nuri black with lemon, so good) in the cup, switch on the precious, and keep refilling with that same pack through the night. I’ve lost track on how many cups I’ve already drank. Om nom nom.

And this will have to be the end of this entry – I need to go to the bathroom.

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