Wednesday, December 23, 2009

From a land of ice and snow to a land and snow

Chechulin's High-rise (one of the Seven Sisters) on Kotel'nicheskaya Embankment. View from Kitai-gorod

With all luck I am on a jet plane to the homeland right now. Gooood. Gooood. Very goooood.

I don't know how much or what I might be writing on this blog while I'm home, this might be the last time we speak in the 2009 year.

If you get bored, head over to the blog of existential crises, Storm und Drunk, or check out something on the sidebar.

A final thought: An oft-quoted Mayakovsky poem is Lenin - zhil, Lenin - zhiviot, Lenin - budet zhit'. [Lenin lived, Lenin Lives, Lenin will lives]. Well, while Mayakovsky had Rodchenko as a photographer, I have Briullov - and I'm tempted to say Mayakovsky zhil, Mayakovsky zhiviot, Mayakovsky budet zhit'.


Meh. I don't know. Before I did the photo-combine it seemed like my picture was so angry. But compared to The Angry Futurist™ I look like a sunshiny day.

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Jess Cote said...

Cute! Not sure if that is what you're going for though.