Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Die, Fad, Die!

I get mad at American health trends!

Alright, so I was going to be all stealth-mode and incommunicado, and use the limited amount of Interwebs I have today only working on the presentations coming up, but I got distracted.

Primarily because I haven't found a good way to cull search results for "suburban hell" so it's not all links to tons and tons of crazy people.

Anyway. Clicked over to a woman's blog I sometimes read (it's not in the list to the right.) and she has a post about how she doesn't want to go back to her gym's yoga because they made her hurt. I laughed because I have a similar post.

But then I made the mistake of clicking on the comments link, and saw one that goes: "Sorry the yoga didn't work out. Maybe tai chi would be lighter!"

Now, I get mad enough that American suburban housewives of DOOM™ have coopted yoga as an exercise form and totally removed all sense of spirituality and meditation from it, but really? "Maybe tai chi would be lighter," as in it will be a nice stepping stone into yoga? They're different exercises for completely different religious practices!

Welcome to Global Capitalism 101. Today we will take your sacred practices and use them to address our own neuroses of health and beauty. Tomorrow we'll be talking about the new hip diet that increases your spirituality: The Russian Orthodox Lenten Fasting! (Great for gluten-free diets!)

Click here for a different perspective. Thanks to Penguin for sending that in.


Shelley said...

where is my bold sentence summary?

Andrew said...

Sorry, I forgot in my fit of RAGGGEEEE. Added. :D

S.H.S said...

Just put some farm-raised, hand-picked Mongolian honey into your handy RubberMaid tub, stir in one part water for every tablespoon, shake in some cloves, cinnamon and a dash of seedless Abkhazian blackberry preserves.

and you've got SBITEN. Russian nuns have been using it to keep their healthy-habit-figure and peaceful-relationship-to-death for centuries! Soon to be seen on Hoda and Kathy Lee...

[lets make it happen]