Sunday, January 3, 2010

Extended baseball metaphors are fun

Erm. So. Blog. Yes. I forgot for a moment that I need to write entries in here before they go live, they don't just do that on their own.

Why don't they just do that on their own? That's going to be the next step in the development of Satan's chat box, I think - the direct neural-Interwebs upload link. I think: "I want this sentence to be on the Interwebs," and POOF!

I'd rather the sound was "BAM!" but it's not like there's an explosion, it's just an electronic transfer. Onomatopoeia must be true to the original sound.

My brain is fuzzy today because I haven't been sleeping well lately. New Year's Eve is strike one. Strike two is that my suitemates, who left on the 30th and are gone until tomorrow, have a pretty sick stereo system. Which they use as an alarm clock. Which they forgot to turn off. It's like -- well, it is clockwork - it turns off at 18:00, there are a lovely three hours of silence, and then from 21:14:15 (on my clock, which can be anywhere on their clock from 21:00 to 21:30, depending on if they are Aristotle or Bob the Builder) it begins again.

The worst is between 5:30 and 7 - which is when the DJ plays the "IF YOU'RE DRIVING DON'T FALL ASLEEP AGHAGHAHGAHGHAGHAH!" techno mix.

I've been listening to my Master and Margarita audiotape to drown out the music. :D

But seriously, if the Moroccan colonial invaders want to woo me back to their cause there will have to be lots of tea and kartoshka.

Strike three is a cold snap. I can tell how cold it is outside by the heat leeching from my room: 62-66 inside, I don't want to leave. The snot and hair inside my nose will free immediately leaving the house. 67-71, not too bad. I can go outside and play in the snow, or walk around all night, and not freeze to death. 72-74, and I don't have to even consider putting on a scarf or gloves.

It was 65 last night, and the forecast says it probably won't get warmer until Thursday. Theez eez vhy I am doing the writing now. I'm going into hibernation as soon as the suitemates have shut off the alarm, and not coming out of it until Friday. Mwahahahaha

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