Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It smells funny when I make Number 1

I drink tea.

No, wait. I drink tea! Exclamation point!?!??! I forgot.

Some friends of mine gave me chocolates to go with them. The chocolates are good, but I feel like I need to convince myself to go for an extra five minutes on the treadmill for every piece I eat. I hate feeling guilty. So let’s ignore the fact that I’m stuffing my face with them right now (thanks, Belief. Thanks, Tequila-Flavored-Drink).

In other news, this Princess Noori (sp? – I have only ever seen it in Russian. In Cyrillic letters it’s spelled Нури. Anyway, this tea) is t3h CRACK. I am seriously addicted to any flavor. Anything. Lemon. Raspberry. Plain™ black tea. Something called “Begamot” (which is the word for hippopotamous!?!??!). Delicious. I must learn how to spell this in English so I can buy it in the ‘Rica.

Oh my.

What if it is the crack?

What if the Colonial Invaders’™ radio hasn’t been going off, but it’s all been part of a massive tea-hallucination!?!??!

I need to go lie down a bit.

Edited to add: It is “bergamot,” not “begamot” – bergamot, which, apparently, is some kind of pear. Alas. I wish I had hippo tea.


Kara Dugas said...

you are probably the weirdest person i know, and i really really like it. just thought i'd let you know.

i think hippo tea would be really sad :-(

miss you!!

S.H.S said...

bergamot is a kind of orange, yo.

black tea with bergamot = earl grey.

but wait! Did you guys realize that нури looks like HYPU or HYPO or HIPPO if you read it at as russian letters? So Princess Noori is Hippo Tea after all...

Word Verification: Mecedis
Medicis? Mercedes?

S.H.S said...

by which i meant: if you read нури as being in LATIN/ ENGLISH letters.


Justin said...

The oil of the bitter orange it is precious, yesyes.

I love Earl Grey very much so, you know.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with watching TNG as a child and seeing Captain Piccard go over to the replicator at least once an episode with "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot."

... oh god I've revealed too much again, haven't I.

Andrew said...

So what you're saying is that I just wrote a post about how much I love Earl Gray tea, without knowing that it was Earl Gray.


I kind of suck.