Sunday, January 10, 2010

Monster in a Mirror Says "A-Doodle-Ee-Doo"

I have become a passive-aggressive note-leaver!

I don’t know where the Colonial Invaders™ are today, but they were gone from the room at 9:15.

Their alarm went off.

I hope they return before I go to sleep.

I left a note under their door, saying: “Hello! Could you please check if you haven’t set an alarm on your stereo system to go off at 9:15 every night? It went off while you were out today, as it has every night you were out of the city last week. -Icarus” (Except in Russian. And without the italics. And with my real name.)

I think it’s still in the realm of polite behavior to have left it, right? I’m not a complete passive-aggressive d-bag, yet…right? The note doesn’t say “TURN OFF YOUR F*&%ING STEREO!” (I just recently learned how to put the f-bomb into its adjective form, so I could well write said note.) But I don’t want to upset my Lords and Masters. I just don’t want to have to listen to a mix of Eurotrash hits of 2009 and American pop songs from 2001-2003.

If Rob Thomas and Carlos Santana’s “Maria” comes on the radio one more time, though, I’m switching the polite note for the swearing one. It should be written into the Geneva Conventions that playing that song constitutes psychological torture.

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