Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not in MY Valley of Death, You Don't

The Colonialist Invaders™ are back!

Their first order of business was to turn off the radio.

And then they shut the window.

Or maybe it was the other way around. I was asleep when this occurred. I awoke only at the resounding echoes of silence. It was glorious.

They then – my lords -
They will come
Come across the waters
Mighty saviors with their bows of steel
Then they kill us!
– they gave me a New Year’s/apology present of a zebra-striped tea cup when I got home from grocery shopping. This is very nice of them.

But I fear it’s all part of their plan of dormitory conquest. First they set up the dialectic wherein their absence is my discomfort, their presence my happiness. And then I welcome their existence. And then they slowly take away my joysesees, and then I have nothing left! And this space – I myself – we are theirs! Exclamation point!

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