Friday, January 15, 2010

A pox on both my houses!

I still have a cold.

No exclamation point for that bold sentence.

I was going to leave it be with just the one post about having a cold, but I’m pissed that I still feel gross! Not ok.

I also don’t understand why people have to be cranky when we feel bad. I think, seeing as I already feel tired, and there is snot coming magically from nowhere to pour down my throat and out my nose, at the very least I should be in a superb mood! Right!?

But I get cranky. As does everyone else. Because we don’t like having the coldses.

I need to have some angry words with someone upstairs. (By whom I mean less the Colonial Invaders™, more He-Who-Makes-the-Totentanz-Go-Round.)

GAH! So much pressure in my sinuses!

I've been medicating the best way I know how in Moscow: prianiki (which are easiest to think of as baked, instead of fried, glazed and jelly-filled donut holes) and ginger ale. Neither is anything but a placebo's my life. Don't judge.

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Monica said...

When I have pressure in my sinuses I use Advil Cold & Sinus. Do they have anything like that there? I don't think donut holes and ginger ale are going to cut it :( I hope you feel better soon ♥