Saturday, January 2, 2010

Prepare the blood sacrifices

Happy 2010, one and all. Let’s start the countdown: 2 years, 350-and-some-odd days, and just a few short hours. The end times cometh!

Hopefully they will not be as illogical and self-contradictory as the Doctor Who version of the End of Time. (I should be nicer. I’ve only seen part one. Maybe it’ll make more sense later.

Who am I kidding. That series has no need for internal consistency.)

Anyway. It is my duty and pleasure to pass on to you --
1. My apologies for the extended hiatus. Hopefully I will resume my pen’s prolific pontifications soon.
2. At Galinda’s (Dramatis Personae it if you don’t remember who that is) request I am going to start a new feature to every blog post.
Such is my plan: I will only use the bold HTML tag in one sentence per post. That sentence will typically have an exclamation point (I love exclamation points), and will summarize the rest of the post. Therefore vis-à-vis quid pro quo l’etat c’est moi – thusly, even if the post doesn’t seem interesting you can still know what’s going on in my life!

But that one sentence is not always going to be at the beginning of the page.


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