Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Apparently the Saints went Marching

Continuing that post about losing things...

I have been told I am un-American. This is likely true. The latest round of insults, however, don't relate to any particlar un-patriotic activity (unless you consider skipping out on the Superbowl to be so.)

In my defense, kick off was at 2:30 am. And the reason why I'm writing in my blog right now and not working is because I'm taking a quick break from the rush-rush-rush pretty-making-itude of the papers I'm writing for The Professor, which I used as the excuse for needing something resembling sleep.

Anyway. No Superbowl for Ikar.

The weird bit about this situation is that even though football is nowhere near my favorite sport, I still feel like I missed some huge cultural event. I felt the same thing when I was three months shy of voting in the 2004 presidential elections; when I was in Piter for the 2007 Red Sox World Series victory; etc. etc.

In the purest sense of the word, I suppose it is just nostalgia (a Vulgate Latin from Greek "nostos" (return home) + "algos" (pain, suffering)).

Again, no point to this post. No driving thesis. Just words.

My god, I'm turning into Satan's chatbox.

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Monica said...

Don't feel too bad. I watched the first half, didn't watch the half-time show (didn't care for it), started watching the 3rd quarter and then fell asleep. I don't think we missed much because they're not talking about an amazing play that was made or anything else that happened. The commercials weren't even all that great :(