Monday, March 15, 2010

What's yellow and moves and cheats you?

One interesting tidbit about being in T3H RUSSIA is that my knowledge of US political and cultural events cannot slacken. In any given interaction - with friends, colleagues, The Professor and his wife, or random people in a cafe - I can expect to be asked some pointed question about recent events.

I've gotten really good at saying the disclaimer of "THIS IS JUST MY OPINION." It rolls off my tongue.

Anyway. The top of my browser now has a phalanx of news agencies that represent the moderate-to-liberal spectrum (I can't bring myself to read Fox News).

I have, thus, become informed of evidence behind the assumption everyone's always had.

I started laughing when I first read the article.

Then I wondered if this was evidence of some pink-o Commie Revolution - as if maybe my previous posts about revolutionary rhetoric were incorrect.

Then I thought about just how many taxi drivers were doing the exact same thing, and realized that it likely wasn't some kind of proletarian Robin Hood adventure, taking money from the rich businessmen of Wall Street. After all, the money on the meter is going to have to go back to the company. A massive, organized action perpetrated by a group of people all employed by a number of wonder...might the taxi drivers have been told by their controllers that this could be something they should do?

I enjoyed the tone of the follow-up article as well.

Where's Howard Roark when you need him, eh?

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