Friday, April 9, 2010

And I had just told Brett my dreams were boring

I was back at my parent's house for a couple days, and discovered that they had built a shower into the closet of my old room.

I decided to give it a go.

Only when I had put shampoo in my hair did I realize that there was a showerhead installed, and a drain in the corner - but they hadn't taken out the carpet, or inserted any kind of tub apparatus at all. There were still clothes on the shelves, and the water sprayed out into the room, onto the bookcases.

Then I noticed a book I didn't know before. It was a Necronomicon of sorts, and in reading it I discovered that extradimensional beings had been present at the creation of our universe, and their very presence had caused it to form incorrectly. Of a 1,000 step process a universe ought to undergo, ours, regardless the possibility, could only go through step 32. And they had made a program to show that all of the probabilities would lead to an early demise.

They were mildly apologetic for upsetting the natural order of things, particularly as they had just been on a class trip from their home universes. They begged me to pass on their condolences that our universe would never have a true god, because that one could only be created in step 50.

And they piled into their school bus and drove away.


Stacey said...

It would be better if the universe had gotten to step 42. ;)

Monica said...

You make me laugh :)

Kara Dugas said...

And I said your dreams weren't boring!!! I had a dream about pancakes...just pancakes (which by the way I ate over the weekend)!