Thursday, April 8, 2010

The censor says: "Oh no!"

There's something amazing about watching Internet memes develop.

Take the NH parody of the JayZ&Alicia Keys song, for example. It was posted on youtube a week ago, and I had seen it spread virally through my friendslist on Facebook by, at the very longest, Saturday.

Two days ago I got an email from an alumna who works in the embassy, who's half-adopted me here, saying "check this out!"

Today I got an email forward from someone who lives in St. Louis now and didn't understand most of the jokes and references.

Where will the meme be tomorrow? California? Should I expect a message from Kipling about it from across the pond? Will one of my acquaintances at the conversation club next Tuesday say, "hey, aren't you from Nyeu Xehmshah? I saw this video about it..."

Sometimes I love the dissemination of information available in the world today. I dare some conservative or watchdog group to try to stifle a controversial piece of literature/art/creativity. I dare them.

(Now, if only I could find a way to make the people properly repressed, à la Parts 1, 2.)


Kara Dugas said...

that song is blowing up everywhere!!

Monica said...

Paul and I love that song! He's watched it at work with the guys 3 times. LOL! I watch it all the time at home :) They did a great job! The thing is they left our Concord...the capital!! How can you leave out the capital?!