Thursday, April 29, 2010

Funeral for a Friend

It’s morbid, but sometimes I plan parts of my own funeral.

Ok, so it’s really morbid and disturbing, but in my defense the first part came because I’m an egotistical maniac and the director of one of my host museums died, and the other part came because I just watched the episode of Scrubs where Laverne dies.

I think I just committed the same egregious error of modern humanity’s lack of emotional depth as best expressed by Kelly, from The Office:
I can still remember when Princess Diana died. Oh. My. God. That was the saddest funeral ever! Well, that and my sister's...
In the first part, I mentioned that I want to destroy superstition by placing around the coffin or urn or symbolic effigy of myself (depending on if I really have an Icarean end and they can’t dredge my body from the depths or not) in the center of a semicircle of eight full-length mirrors, so anyone who comes has to see themselves reflected as a multitude.

I haven’t decided on the full soundtrack to my passing yet, but I know that in place of a eulogy I want someone to play the three parts of Muse’s “Exogenesis: Symphony,” and at some point (either the entrance or exit music) I want Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence” to play. Or maybe "Halo"...

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Patrick said...

My formatting is still fed up big time but i posted to make you happy