Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ghostbusters only, please.

I'm such a good capitalist consumer that when "A Moment Like This" came on in the cafe where I'm sitting, not just did that Sandals commercial flash to mind, but I even clicked over to their website.

And noticed this.

I'm not saying that firefighters don't do an amazing service for our community. Volunteer or paid, theirs is a career path that is full of danger, and certainly they deserve any recognition that comes their way.

But why is theirs the only public service profession that deserves such special treatment? Why is there such a stigma around - say - a policeman getting a similar deal? I can only imagine the backlash, the comments about "corrupt pigs not needing special treatment." Why? What about EMTs?


When did we build the cult of the firefighter, and why should I buy into and continue it?


Phil Shanahan said...

One of my good friends is a firefighter. Since qualifying 6 months ago, I'd (and he'd) say he's put on about 25pounds, as all he does all day is sit around and eat egg and chips.

Andrew said...

Sounds like my vacation in England.

Maybe becoming a firefighter wouldn't be a bad career path.

Also: "hypermon" was my comment key. Awesome. Saruman, master of all Pokemon