Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday, Bloody Monday

I doubt my smattering of current event witticisms is entertaining to anyone, so I don’t write about every headline I read (although sometimes the urge to take the soap box stage comes upon me so hard…) Today, though, I encountered an unholy troika of reportage, and had to share: one social, one cultural, one economic. Yay.

Read this.

It’s funny because if you insert “factory worker” instead of “intern” and “overseer” instead of “corporation/law firm/company/bank/etc.” you have economic history, circa 1850 to the present day.

Tell me that capitalism is an economic system that supports the ego and individualism. Tell me that a Howard Roark would survive in New York today. I dare you.

And while we’re at it – tell me that it’s worthless to study history, as well.

I hate people.

Also, in less soap-box-y news – the opening lines to this article is awesome.
Let’s face it: Financial reform is a hard issue to follow. It’s not like health reform, which was fairly straightforward once you cut through the nonsense.
Nor is brain surgery hard. It’s pretty straightforward, once you’ve cut through the scalp and isolated the tumor and taken care not to sever any of the neurons surrounding the cancerous tissue and sewn the patient back up.

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