Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More gym thoughts.

1. The sweat stain on my chest made a smilie face today. I started laughing like a crazy person in the middle of the hall.

Then I thought about taking a picture for the blog but decided that would be disgusting. Talking about it...isn't...though?

2. Jude and I were talking in the locker room. I walked over to wash out my shake bottle. A man came up to me: “Hey, sorry, I couldn’t help but notice your accent. Where are you from?”

Your accent, not “notice that you speak English.” I thought it sounded like he had a bit of a Texan twang. I said: “From Boston.” (For simplicity’s sake.) “Where are you from?”

“Oh, here.”

“You have a good accent, then,” I complimented, and turned for the door.

“Really? You sink it sounds auzzent-eek?”

I fought the urge to turn and say “Well, it did, until you had to try to say “th”…”

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