Thursday, April 15, 2010

Should we get it a date with the Washington Monument?

Sometimes I think there’s something aesthetically pleasant, if not pleasing, to the High Classicism built under Stalin that I’ve been studying. Other time I think…not so much.

But never ever, not once while studying these architects and their questionable aesthetics, and their questionable politics, and their questionable lives and country, never have I been as disgusted as I am by this. (NB - you have to click to #4 to get to the one I talk about. The link breaks blogger's inferior coding.

I’ve heard it said that if there were magical windows that connect Moscow to other geographic locations (which is a plot to an early-90s movie, Okno v Parizh [The Window to Paris]), such would never connect Moscow to a cultural center like Paris, or Milan, or Hong Kong.

The magical windows would connect Moscow, heart and soul, to New Jersey.

Nota bene: It sounds much more vehement if I write “disgusted” before the link. Really I’m more “tickled” or “amused.” It’s not my state.

No. My state lost its monument. Six years on and I’m still mourning my beautiful, granite, cuddly Old Man.

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