Sunday, April 4, 2010

Who shall die for whose sins?

Happy Easter and all that.

The Russian traditional greeting is in Old Church Slavonic. It goes:
Call: Khristos voskrese! [Christ is risen!]
Response:Voistinu voskrese! [Truly, he has risen!]
There's a whole linguistic bit, here, too, because Russian differentiates between "light" or "basic" truth, which is the word pravda, and held in contrast to "higher" or "Almighty" truth, which is the word istina (the root of the responder's first word, and the way Pilate's famous question to Jesus is translated: Shto est' istina? [What is truth?]

That was a fun ROD. Briullov and I are trying to find ways to destroy istina. Wish us luck.

I've become distracted by one of the BBC headlines, that a white suprematist was murdered in his sleep.

It's not the news so much that bothers me, but the reaction I've already seen and heard from those who are glad that he's dead. The distaste I'm now swallowing reminds me of a similar conversation.

How evil does a person have to be before I can unequivocally be happy that he has died? Apparently this "isn't enough." But am I really feeling a crisis of conscious that I'm not taking pleasure in this man's brutal murder? Wouldn't it be more messed up if I was?


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