Thursday, April 1, 2010

You know how I got these scars?

Happy April Fools.

Apparently S.S.B.J. (Sweet & Sour Baby Jesus gets a nickname in the blog, I decided) wanted to pull an April Fool's on me. I forgot that the archive I go to has its sanitary day on the first of the month -- until I got to its door.

Let's just remember that this is the archive that's on the opposite edge of the city from me.

I decided to go to the major and Western shopping mall that's a stop inbound from the archive, so I wouldn't just ride 45 minutes there and then 45 back. I'm sitting in Starbucks, right now. Which I swore not ever to do but...we must make choices in our lives.

However, I have power and I have interwebs. Today's not going to be a waste. I'll just get to go home at a reasonable hour, instead of spending all evening writing after all day in an archive reading! Mwahaha.

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