Friday, April 30, 2010

You missed a spot.

Rozhdestvensky Monastyr' [Nativity of Our Lord Monastery]
Down the street from The Institute

I don't know if it's meant to inspire passers by with the juxtaposition of fake-new and possibly-fake-old, or if this approach simply isn't important to the people who did the restoration (seeing as it's not the facade or main entrance), but there's something amazing about the fake and pinkish bricks of the church poised above the crumbling brick wall, as if some anthropomorphic architectural giant was trying to put blush on and did a really really really bad job blending.

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Monica said...

I love how you compaired their unfinished looking remodel to putting on blush and doing a really, really, really bad job blending it in. I laughed so hard! Thanks for the laugh :)