Saturday, May 22, 2010

Now I just need a superhero(villain?) name.

The most impressive feat from last night was when The Doctor's Brother's...well, I don't even know how to describe her. Crush? Very-temporary-love-interest? Anyway. There was an individual sitting down the table and we thought, "She looks like that girl from How I Met Your Mother. What's that character's name?" And we thought and pondered and contemplated and came up with Barney Marshall Lily Ted and...

And we drew a blank.

Staring across the table at one another, whoever was participating in this - definitely me, Waterloo, The Doctor's Brother - I think Briullov and Gypsy-Song were off having a more intellectual conversation or two - and I remembered: "Robin! Robin Robin Robin!"

Be impressed. I have inherited my father's ability to retain obscene amounts of useless trivia. It shall combine with my other superpowers to help me take. over. the. world.

I already have a sworn nemesis and everything! Yes. Good. Good. Very good. Everything is falling into place.


D McK said...

USELESS trivia?

Justin said...

Also: congrats on remembering the name of a primary character on a show you watched for four hours a weeks all last summer.

Andrew said...

Touche, Dad.

J, you need to let me have my feelings! :D