Monday, May 10, 2010

Playing in the puddles

Too much seriousness, the past couple days. Here are some pictures from Olympic Sports Complex Luzhniki (related to the word for "puddles" because it was built in a swampy area).

Your eye does not deceive you. He is, by hand, repainting every line on that track.

Eduard Streltsov, legendary Soviet football champion, a member of the team at the 1958 Melbourne FIFA World Cup. gutter. You can see the main building in the background.

The main corpus of Moscow State University, from across the river. I ate a trubochka, vanilla ice cream in a crunchy chocolate shell, and watched the stormy clouds play each other in their cosmic football.


Monica said...

I can't believe they paint the lines by hand! I don't think I would have enough patience for that job lol!

There are some pretty interesting statues over there in Russia. I have enjoyed your pictures greatly.

Andrew said...


Snooze said...

In Russia lines paint you!