Monday, May 3, 2010

This is where they do the blood sacrifices.

When I included a picture of this step-pyramid last time, I was too close to give it its proper credit. This is the view from Trubnaya.

This building dominates the area. As close to the historic center as it is (it's located just outside the area called Zemlianoi gorod, which is one of the concentric rings of the growing city), it is surrounded by 2- to 5-story buildings. In its state of incompleteness, it exemplifies the current-era of corrupt and nesovershennoe stroitel'stvo [incomplete/imperfect construction]. Many building projects are fronts for nefarious activities, and pause at some point in the building process. Couple that with the economic crisis, which is much less a rhetorical device and much more a real phenomenon, here, than I perceive it to be in the US, and...

As for the future, picture that steel carcass with an exterior of granite and stone, and encrusted with the frosting decorations it will surely receive at some point, and a spire on top...and you have the 9th Vysotka. (I think it's actually meant to be a glass structure, but. Still.)

Land-surveyors will come to this area and seek audience with the businessmen who live in that castle, and wait and wait for permission, and entangle themselves in affairs with barmaids, and receive permission to see the overlord only on their deathbed.

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