Friday, May 14, 2010

Victory Day

One of the coolest bits about Victory Day is being able to walk all of the central streets right down the middle with impunity.

Yes, we did indeed flash the peace sign.

The Communists celebrated with a huge netted catch of what I can only assume was meant symbolically to be red caviar.

This picture is meant to be ironic. The statue is to the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, whose Futurist poetry is all about industry hammer smashing and fiery proletariat humping. He's on a small square in the middle of one of the major prospects, so usually he's happy - but since it's spring, he gets crazy pink tulips that must make his ghost pissssssssed.

There was a sit-in on Red Square! People sat down in Red Square! (There was a huge TV playing old film clips). But still. People were sitting - on the ground! So exciting!

From left to right, Belief, me, and Tequila-Cocktail, still on Red Square.


Monica said...

Love the shadow picture! Why is one of your legs soooo huge, while the other is perfectly normal size?? I have been trying to figure it out, but nothing comes to mind.

Andrew said...

haha, we were all making weird contortions that translated into even weirder shadows because of the sun's angle/the cobblestone. The leg that's kind of lost in the shadow of my bag, etc. is bent at the knee, while the other isn't. ;D