Friday, January 21, 2011

It's time for a conspiracy theory.

I'm convinced that there's a direct causal relation between media representation of the assassination attempt on Giffords/Palin's subsequent misappropriation of 'blood libel' and the "revelation" regarding the zodiac.

It goes like this: (read the following as #. Event -> (yields) Media Response Prime

Media Response Pushback)

1. Assassination -> "OHMYGOD GUYS! What have we done?! There's some SERIOUS vitriol thrown around in Washington. This is a bad bad thing.
"Hey. Wait. I feel like I saw a target painted on Giffords,, where did I see that?"
2. The Polar Bear says "Ay dios mio! The blood libel!" -> EITHER "OHMYGOD GUYS! She's so right! Democrats suckzzzzzzz!" OR "OHMYGOD GUYS! How dare she say that?"
"OHMYGOD GUYS! This is getting too heavy. Our 14-year-old reader construct can't handle it. Think of something, quick!"
3. The earth has slowly shifted for millenia. We've known about this process for millenia. -> "OHMYGOD GUYS! Let's use this!"

In picture form, it looks something like this: "Assassination and serious examination of ourselves and our future? No. ZODIACS!!!!!1111!!!1111!exlamationpoint!!!"

(image credit: Hyperbole and a Half)

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