Wednesday, January 12, 2011

There are no Dementors here.

The following is shamelessly stolen from the Animus's iPhone because my memory card finally committed suicide, as it has been threatening to do since last summer. Thankfully I had uploaded most of the images. The only photos it immolated in its conflagration of absolute data corruption were from the Road Trip of Doom™ to Philadelphia, and the pictures I had tried to take this same day.

Fog rose from the Cocheco. A grey mist hung over all the fields. It filtered through the trees' barren branches, promising mystery and the ancient magic of the seasons. Not least magical of all, it inspired me to feel happy about a wintry landscape.


Miriam said...

There is nothing more thought-inducing than a wintry landscape, in my very humble opinion.

Now where did I put my sledge?

Andrew said...

That's the Canadian in you coming out.


Miriam said...

And my toque. Where is my toque?

I am going to find my toque after I create a diplomatic alternative to kicking your ass.