Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We were both pre-coffee.

No liquid crack was harmed in the makings of this conversation.
The Animus: Should I have hot chocolate or coffee?

ShadowG: It can go either way.

Animus: ...I realize that.

ShadowG: Gah that's not what I meant. I meant: 1) You should enjoy hot chocolate because you'll be at my place for the next week, where it is banned in favor of coffee, or 2) You should enjoy coffee because you'll need to get your tolerance for it up before you get here.

Animus: Hot chocolate flavored coffee? That's just nasty. We are in-- I'm having a brain fart. The right word isn't 'agreeance' -- OH. Agreement.

ShadowG: In *favor* of coffee. Favor. Also: wow.

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